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Conflicting information about installation

I'm hoping to get my broadband installed next week.

I've had a text saying that more work is needed so an engineer will have to come out. This was a bit unexpected.

I've now had email saying that the openreach modem will be activated remotely, so I just need to make sure it's turned on. This was a bit more expected - one of the main reasons we chose this package as we knew this was already installed before we move in.

So having received both, I'm not clear on if an engineer is coming or not. Does anyone have an idea of which is more likely to be right? 

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Re: Conflicting information about installation

What does it say on the online order tracker?

Assuming it's for full fibre and you have a ONT unit already? What lights are green on that?

If you already have the ONT then providing customer services with the serial number they can usually provide that to Openreach to activate the service remotely.

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Re: Conflicting information about installation

are you getting FTTP - fibe to your home?  if so do you have the small white openreach box (ONT) where you would connect your router?

if unsure you can phone FTTP TEAM 08005874787 and check activation date

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