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Considerable speed drop with our Infinity connection - help required if possible!

Hello all,


First time forum user, looking for some advice!


Ok, so we had Infinity installed probably 8 months ago and have been really impressed with the speed. We've consistently gotten very high fifties for our connection, maybe 60mb or so at 2am on a Thursday!


Lately however, our connection has dropped to around 12mb - it also seems hugely inconsistent and at the moment we're unable to buy a movie from iTunes as teh connection seems to clog up almost instantly. This situation has been ongoing for about a month or so. (no hardware or software changes at all in this period)


So far I've tried;


1. Resetting the Modem and Router completely, several times to no avail.

2. Changes wireless channels, seemed to make no difference at all.

3. Checking all connections, no issues (setup has not changed at all since installation)

4. Tested different speed test, BT says around 10-12 - same for ThinkBroadband


Other oddities seem to be a reduced wireless speed around the house, last week transferring stuff between my Mac and NAS was horrendous - what would cause a sudden wireless speed dropoff? Another oddity is a regualr random sign out of the PlayStation network, may or may not be related?


In terms of hardware, I'm running the standard Inifinity setup, with a HH3. We have a number of Apple devices using the connection, and I use  Macbook Air - which I mention due to its lack of ethernet port, which seems to be a real showstopping issue last time I called the support desk - basically the chap implied I was unsupportable running a Mac..!


So folks, where on earth do I start with this one!

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Re: Considerable speed drop with our Infinity connection - help required if possible!

It could be a faulty Homehub. To try and establish this you will need to use a computer with an Ethernet connection to do this.


Make a direct connection with a  computer to the modem which will eliminate the homehub. Follow this guide to do that. Use your computer as normal and run a speed test as per the link and post the results.


Guide to eliminate Homehub:

Step 1: Remove the homehub from the modem

Step2: Connect your pc/laptop into the modem using LAN1 port

Step3: Open network and sharing centre on windows and click set up a new connection or network

Step4: Connect to the internet then click make a new connection Broadband PPPoE

Step5: Username and the password as BT

Step6: connect, If it doesn't,keep pressing try again until it does.

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