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Re: DLM Reset after line fault

Unless your speed drops below 55meg, don't get caught up in the numbers.
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Re: DLM Reset after line fault

@Jaseb41 wrote:

@Webbythe only thing I was concerned about was the downstream noise margin,as it's sitting at 12.1 before the fault and all was well max obtainable was 63-64 with noise of around 13/13.1, I guess what I'm saying is with a noise margin Of 12.1 I would of expected max attainable to be a lot higher as currently there's only around 1.6meg difference between data rate and max would of expected it to be around 6.5/7 for that rate ?

As @Webby has said there is no problem so don't go looking for a non-existing one.

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Re: DLM Reset after line fault

@pippincpI'm not looking for a problem nor do I want one I've had plenty over the last 4 years with BT,was just asking for an opinion after a DLM reset about the difference now between the noise margin and the max rate and my previous connection rate when all was working well before the fault and the difference between the 2 sets of stats!

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