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DLM reset after resolving internal wiring fault

Hi folks,

I noticed a few months ago that my parents’ FTTC service was a bit unstable. Looking in the router logs there were frequent resyncs and the sync was quite a bit lower than I’d expect given their proximity to their cabinet.

A few weeks ago I swapped out the filters used in the house and tidied up some old extension wiring. Now the connection is very stable and their Hub (6A) reports a max sync rate of ~23Mbps up / 69Mbps down - but is stuck syncing at 15Mbps up, 32Mbps down.

My assumption is that the internal wiring has been dodgy ever since they switched to FTTC a few years ago, so DLM has ratcheted the rate right down.

Could a moderator advise how we can get it reset please?

Stats excerpt from Hub 6A:

Data rate: 15.00 Mbps / 32.40 Mbps

Maximum data rate: 22949 / 68715

Noise margin: 9.7 dB / 16.7 dB

Line attenuation: 16.3 dB

Signal attenuation:

VPI / VCI: 0/38

Modulation: G_993_2_ANNEX_B

Latency type: Fast Path



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Re: DLM reset after resolving internal wiring fault

Just leave  the connection in a stable condition and DLM will do its stuff and increase speed.

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Re: DLM reset after resolving internal wiring fault

You should have posted the full stats from the hub not just abbreviated and missing off the connection time

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