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DSL Light Keeps Flashing

Yesterday someone unplugged the modem from the mains and plug it back in, this has happend before and I've had no problems apart from now. The DSL light keeps flashing green and won't go solid green. I've tried resetting it, I've left it unplugged for two hours and it still keeps flashing.


Today I bought a new VDSL modem and tried that and this one wont connect to the DLS. So I tried both the openreach modem and the new one I bought directly into the main phone line using a filter and they still don't work. Does this mean that it is an issue at BTs end?


I have phoned them and they said that they need to send an engineer around but the earliest that they can do is next Tuesday but I need the internet know so I can work.


Do you have any suggestions on anything I can try to get this working? Or is it something that BT will have to fix?


Thank you for your help.

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Re: DSL Light Keeps Flashing

Hi SSB1,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community forum!


Sorry for the connection problems you're having with your BT Infinity service.  If all diagnostics were done by my colleagues and they have arranged an engineer then there isn't anything that can be done under the engineer gets there I'm afraid.


Is the engineer still booked for Tuesday?  Do keep us posted how the repair goes.





Community ModeratorRobbieMac
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Re: DSL Light Keeps Flashing

by main phone socket do you mean master socket or test socket?  if master then try the test socket  test socket.jpg

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