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DSL connection rate (DOWNSTREAM) appears to have been 're-capped'

Good afternoon everyone,

New to the forum and first posts... please treat me gently! Thanks.

Whilst away from home fro 3 days attending my mothers funeral I returned to find my VDSL broadband dropping out every 2 to 3 mins. I had never had problems like this previous and it isn't a STRESS that I can cope with right now along with all the other stuff that goes on when your parent dies (probate etc).

Anyway, Openreach kindly attended (but a day earlier... this is relevant as I am deaf and I asked for them to attend when my hubby was here to be able to listen and understand what they say).

Whilst trying to dal with the two chaps I'm afraid I couldn't locate the 'junction box'... didn't even know we had one on the outside of the house. Consequently Openreach said they couldn't complete all the tests - which I understand. They tried VERY hard to persuade me to agree to having my garden dug up and a new cable installed (with a new hole drilled into the front on my house). I wasn't happy about this and needed to discuss with hubby.

Eventually hubby and I found the junction box and have made clear access to it for Openreach to come back again (on Fri, when my hubby will be here).

I'm not being difficult, but to jump to a solution when they haven't been able to complete the tests needed to define the root cause of the problem made me uncomfortable.

So... waiting for Friday.

Now, in the interim I happened to notice that on 23rd when we carried out the BTW tests the DSL connection rate (DOWNSTREAM) was a very healthy 38.9Mbps. I understand that this is the max speed profiled for my line. I know it doesn't mena I would get this speed - but I understand it is the MAX I could ever hope for... 

Well, that's really significant as today when I have re-run the BTW test the DSL connection rate (DOWNSTREAM) has fallen from 38.9Mbps to just 13.9Mbps.

This is odd right?

Does this mean that someone/something has re-profiled my line and is now limiting me from ever getting anything faster than 13.9Mbps?

I don't believe in conspiracy theories BUT this is feeling very strange to me.

The two Openreach engineers were friendly and as helpful as they could be with someone totally deaf. They seemed most please when I gave them both a bottle of Prosecco each to thank them.

Anyone with any helpful ideas... would be most appreciated... I've got so much to do with getting probate and all sorts underway not having a broadband connection is really disempowering and I'm desperate to get to the 'root of the problem' and a solution (which hopefully does NOT involve digging up my garden).

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions!


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Re: DSL connection rate (DOWNSTREAM) appears to have been 're-capped'

OK,  lets try make this as painless as possible but please bear with me. Can you post the connection stats from the hub?

HH5 troubleshooting/helpdesk

HH6 advanced settings/technical log/information.

We'll also need your hubby to check for noise on the line.  17070 option 2. The line should be silent between announcements.

Take your time getting back, someone will be here to answer you.

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