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Data Rate low compared to Max Data Rate

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Can somebody advise me please?


I'm on BT Infinity 2.


A few weeks ago for various reasons my HH5 restarted several times in a day and DLM kicked in and slowed my connection to around 47Mbps d/l although Max Data Rate was 56 Mpbs as usual, Noise margin was still 6 dB as always.


I wasn't too concerned figuring if I left it a few weeks it would go back to normal which is around 54-55 Mbps d/l and 18 Mbps u/l. The Max data rate has always been around 56 Mbps


The HH5 restarted overnight a few days ago which I hoped would be DLM giving me the speed back, unfortunately it came back the same as it had been after the reboots. See details from HH5 below.


Wondering if the restart hadn't worked as it was only a "soft" restart and not a de-repower I switched the HH5 off for a few minuted and then repowered, the speed came back the same as after the soft reboot:


3. Firmware version: v0.07.06.01239-BT (Type B) Last updated 8/3/2017

4. Board version: 01

5.VDSL uptime: 1 days, 20:28:43

6. Data Rate: 18025 / 47542

7. Maximum Data Rate: 18038 / 56232

8. Noise Margin: 6.0 / 6.1

9. Line Attenuation: 21.2 / 17.8

10. Signal Attenuation: 0.0 / 0.0


 Can anybody advise me how to get the Data Rate and Max Data Rate closer please?


Many Thanks

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Re: Data Rate low compared to Max Data Rate

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You need to ignore the max data rate, as its only a theoretical figure that could be achieved if the line conditions were perfect, with no line errors, and evey tone frequency was available to carry data.


This figure will vary throughout a 24 hour period, as interference and crosstalk degrade the line performance.


In reality, unless you are on a very short line, there will always be errors, mostly corrected by FEC (Forward Error Correction), but some will be CRC errors which would require re-transmission.


Just concentrate on the actual connection speed, as the small difference between the two figures, is not going to be noticable.


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Re: Data Rate low compared to Max Data Rate

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Thanks Keith_Beddoe much appreciated 

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