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Disconnect from the EA Servers, EA is blaming BT, BT is blaming EA.

So I'm having an issue whereby I get 100% packet loss on certain hops when connecting to the EA servers, I know this because I ran a trace route  to I'll post the results from today below in a screenshot.

I've spoken to both EA and BT about this and both of them blame each other, now I know BT sets my routing table, but the packet loss I'm getting is at the address, additionally after they refreshed my connection to their network I got packet loss to a ukcore address too. 

A couple of my tech friends are going back on forth on this and aren't sure who is to blame/what the solution is, has anyone here had a similar issue? And if so has the problem been resolved?

Thanks for replies in advance.Trace Route 19/11/19Trace Route 19/11/19

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