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Disconnected from the router every 30 minutes

I've been having a lot of trouble lately with my connection to the homehub3. In the evening, every 30 minutes  all devices get disconnected from the homehub 3 for about 1-2 minutes, then they all reconnect again. I've been onto tech support several times who have performed various line checks and even sent a new homehub3 but they couldn't find anything wrong.


Now, over the last few days I've isolated the problem to being from my housemates laptop. Whenever he isn't in it never disconnects. When he gets in in the evening and turns on his laptop the disconnects start. I have advised him to run a malware/spyware scan but this isn't really finding anything. 


Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what else we can try? The disconnects are exactly every 30 minutes from when he switches on to when he switches off his laptop.

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