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Does BT's own speed checker lie?

I accept that we are in difficult times at the moment with everyone stuck at home and, I suspect, that this may have an adverse effect on broadband speeds. However, mine has virtually ground to a stop over the past couple of days; even simply browsing the internet is difficult at times.

I’ve run speed tests on five different available sites both wired (through BT Mini-connectors) and wireless.

On the wired connection I’m getting 3.88 Mbps - 4.19 Mbps download and 10.66 Mbps – 17.67 Mbps upload.

On the wireless tests I get 8.22 Mbps – 11.79 Mbps download and 15.43 Mbps – 16.2 Mbps upload.

However, when I do a test on the BT speedchecker it claims I’m getting 49.5 Mbps download on the wired connection, something I simply don’t believe.

I’m on a Fibre with BT Halo 1 which says I should be getting 59-73 Mbps download speeds. However you look at it I’m not getting the contracted speed. So, a question, ‘does BT’s own speed checker just lie about the speed I’m supposedly getting?’

Also, since BT now knows (and acknowledges) that I'm not getting the Halo guaranteed speed, will it automatically credit me with £20 or do I have to report/claim it? I would check but the Halo pages seem to have disappeared.

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Re: Does BT's own speed checker lie?

the speeds quoted by BT are connection speeds - speed shown in hub stats - not download/throughput speed

post your hub stats  advanced settings then technical log information

any line noise  dial 17070 option 2  should be silent and best with corded phone

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Re: Does BT's own speed checker lie?

It might be better to start in MyBT rather than so that the system can identify you and advise what you have, what you can get and show your options.

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