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Download ok upload less than 0.1

Since install about 2 months ago we have had nothing but problems.

Numerous Openreach "engineers" out numerous phone calls to Bt and me in the middle

Today engineer came out and saw green light on ont go off and be said that should not do that

He say speed test at 50 ish down and less than 0.1 up

Hub 6 is now on and off all time blue and orange

When orange upload says about 100 plus but not working

Eningeer today spoke to a PTO who sounded like he knew the issue given the upload issues

They say issue is exchange and only us on this new card and this bit is owned by Bt and not Openreach?

Emailed Bt after this and said if in 48hrs not fixed cancling direct phone call within a couple hours but could not do anything as still not got back engineers notes from today
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Re: Download ok upload less than 0.1

@Lingwood I'm sorry to see you're having problems with your connection speed. I presume you have Fibre to the Home if you've an ONT installed?  It sounds like Openreach and Wholesale have had to work together on this fault if it's a problem with the card.


Did they manage to get that sorted or provide you with any further updates since?

Community ModeratorNeilO
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Re: Download ok upload less than 0.1

Yes it looks like it was fixed yesterday.

They had to change the card at the exchange. As Said we only ones on this card so no others to compare to

Now getting about 10 upload and 50 down
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