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Drop Out In Connection

I have very good ping, download speed and upload speed (after BT fixed issues with my router) however, I am having drop out in connection (BT Smart Hut turns solid orange) when there is high wind or heavy rain. BT have done tests on the line and they say there is nothing wrong, there also says there are never any faults in the area when I run diagnostic tests on the line.


Only thing that seems to rectify this is resetting the router which could be 3 times an evening (maybe more) if there is very heavy rain all day. This has only been happening in the last 7 months (possibly little longer but less than a year) and only since I have upgraded from Infinity 1 (52mbps) to Infinity 2 (76mbps), I expect this is just a coincidence but is rather annoying.


I have had a BT engineer round who done large tests on my line and router (I was having speed issues) and they couldn't find anything wrong and any reasons for the drop out. However, the day they came round was sunny with no wind.


Is there anything that can be done to stop the drop outs?   

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Re: Drop Out In Connection

getting an engineer when the conditions are windy or heavy rain is very difficult as you need to book in advance  when the weather is bad and conenction drops try quiet line test and see if any line noise

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