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Re: Ever-Changing BT Infinity Roll-Out Dates

It would appear now that Infinity is living up to it's name. As in it will take an infiniate time to be actived on your exchange.


The MK exchange date has now moved from March to 30th June 2011.


I thought I could handle waiting 2 weeks with my poxy 750Kbps download speed, but now have to wait another 3 months.


It does my nut in seeing the green Cab that I am connected to sitting next to it's Bigger Faster Brother.


Just getting really miffed that my line has the potential of 35Mbps, paying the same price as someone next door to the exchange and getting a 20th iof the speed they do.Smiley Mad
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Re: Ever-Changing BT Infinity Roll-Out Dates

I have got the same problem which is so frustrating.  In the caerphilly (Hengoed) area it was to be rolled out on the 31st December, that has now changed to 31st March 2011.  I have been waiting patiently for infinity only to find they have moved it back again, to 30th June.  This is just pathetic.  I dont think it will be ready by June either.


Fair enough if there was a valid reason or excuse but no information is supplied what so ever.


Really infuriating.

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Re: Ever-Changing BT Infinity Roll-Out Dates

We have the same thing here in Worcester, on the central exchange (WMWR).


Until 30/12/10 it said 31/12/10, then it jumped to 31/3/11.


Today 14/3/11 it's jumped to 30/6/11.


I spoke to a BT engineer (OK I accosted him in the street!) on August Bank Holiday 2010 and he said they were just finishing off Bromsgrove, most of the fibre infrastructure was already in for our connections up here and it was just join the dots really.


The cab was installed in early November I think, although at one point there was a hole beside the next one up the road which was full of snow, so OK I can let them off with the first date slip.  It's been fine weather since then though!


Our connection here to bog-standard ADSL is diabolical, about 800k down with the wind behind it.  We are almost literally gnawing at the street furniture, willing them to put it in.


I was so disappointed this morning when I saw that date change, I can't tell you.  Another 3 months, at least.


Is there someone at BT to whom I may write to complain?  I appreciate it almost certainly won't do the slightest good, but at least I can feel like I've joined in :-(

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Re: Ever-Changing BT Infinity Roll-Out Dates

There are many reasons for delays including availability of electrical power to new green cabinets local council planning objections lack of space near old cabs to install the new cabs delays at other exchanges equipment delivery delays and many more it is made very clear that all activation dates are estimates not dates set in stone  also there were serious delay caused across the UK  at the end of  December and early January because of bad weather eg snow that stopped all new install work  in most of the UK  as engineers were struggling  to keep up with the amount of faults caused by the weather there was at one time nearly a 6 week backlog in some parts of the UK all this has delayed infinity activation   it is  just a matter of waiting those that have dates  and  the many exchanges  that have not even got dates yet we all just have to be patient 

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Re: Ever-Changing BT Infinity Roll-Out Dates

It is openreach that are doing the installations and they treat all Isp's the same including BT Retail who we all deal with they say when and weather it is being done and if you write to them they simply refer you back to your ISP in our cases bt retail so yes you are correct it wont do the slightest good complaining
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Re: Ever-Changing BT Infinity Roll-Out Dates

John bit of Chicken and Egg one here.


Which comes first, Fiber, Cabinet or electrics.


I know for a fact that the Fibre went first here in November as the streets were sectioned off in the evenings with the Big Openreach vans whith glaring huge flood lights out, large cable bobbins and blokes pushing that through the access hatches in the pavements.


Then the two Cabinets went in December. They were sectioned off with protective barriers, and the men at work signs up for traffic management. These were in situe for about 1 week. Then they went.


Early Feb and stacked very neatly near each Cab were the protective barriers again and men at work signs. These were insitue for about 2 weeks. Then they went.


Checked Sam Knows on regualr basis and last week the RFS dated changed to the 11th March although BT still said 31st March.


Now RFS moved to the 30th June.


It's very frustrating to be paying over the top for my 700Kbps service and having again to wait for my so called infinty service of 34Mbps to be activated.
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Re: Ever-Changing BT Infinity Roll-Out Dates

I understand your frustration however you have a date even if it moves there are many more of us with no dates at all we have been told sometime 2014/15 and that's more frustrating when every exchange around you is due this year
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Re: Ever-Changing BT Infinity Roll-Out Dates

I second john46, keep thinking about moving to another provider as they are at least offering 20 Meg on my exchange insted of the current max rate of 8 meg Smiley Happy Smiley Happy from BT

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Re: Ever-Changing BT Infinity Roll-Out Dates


@Beta wrote:



Another Milton Keynes based customer here with the same story as above.  My Shenley Church End exchange was scheduled for 31/12/10, then 01/03/11 and now says 31/09/11.


I moved to a new broadband supplier with no minimum contract in preperation for Infinity, only to find it has been delayed.


The most disappointing fact of the delayed rollout is that what I would consider the 'smaller' areas in and around Milton Keynes have been handled first.


For example: Bletchley, Newport Pagnell, Bradwell. 


Was there a specific roll out plan for Milton Keynes?  If so, why was the larger exchanges and businesses not considered first?


I am interested to hear any engineers thoughts.



Smaller areas should come first - they are the areas who would have the least speeds and rural areas need it the most. Fibre to the Cabinet isn't needed in urban areas until all rural areas have been completed.


Shame on you for thinking that urban areas should take priority.

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Re: Ever-Changing BT Infinity Roll-Out Dates



It's very sad dates are moving back without explanation. Not even a whisper of a reason.


I'm in Milton Keynes, connected to the Stony Stratford exchange, and experienced all the same delays you had to the Shenley exchange.


Yesterday, the date Infinity is available for me changed from 30th September 2011 to 23rd March 2011.


I'm not holding my breath - I'll very much believe it only when I see it! But I think BT pushed a lot of dates back with a view to updating cabs closer to the time they become available.


In other words, keep your fingers crossed, the end of September is likely the worse case scenario Smiley Happy



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