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FTTP - BT Failing - HELP!

After weeks of phoning BT everyday, speaking the to vulnerable team and trying to get any movement they have not been able to help me at all.

I'm currently sheilding, NHS letter and medical certificate, vulnerable person. No internet, No 4G where i live. FTTP avaliable which was ordered before COVID. No phone line either.

BT then cancelled my confirmed dates for install (tomorrow) without confirming if i was indeed vulnerable or had any exisiting connection.

The last two weeks, i have been told by manager after manager that i will get a call back within 24 hours from OpenReach to arrange to install broadband/FTTP.

The pole is on my garden boundry, i have permission for access to pole. Its a clear overhead hang at around 20m. Access hole is already drilled and i can self install. (Used to be a infrastructure engineer)

BT still cannot get someone to do a overhead hang of 20m for me, leaving me cut off and unable to work.

My job is now at risk as i cannot work and havent been able to for sometime now.

This leaves me in the position of loosing my job and income and then defaulting on payments or having to risk my life to travel to work to work from there.

This feels like a ridicolous situation to be in and i really dont know what to do now.

Does anyone have any means of speaking to openreach or how else can i attempt to escalate this. 

All i have been told is its confirmed for the 24th of June now.... mean while by then ill be jobless and probably homeless (Private Tennant)

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