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FTTP Connection


Hope this post is in the correct board.

We live in old house immediately next door to a new housing development which has FTTP connected to the newly built properties. We have copper broadband (apologies if thats not correct terminology!) and are 11metres from the overhead line carrying fttp to the newly built development.

Though our post code has been changed to the same as the new development, we are unable to order FTTP via the BT website.

We've spoken to FTTP connection in BT several times over the last 6 months and have been advised there is no timescale for offering our property FTTP. We have also completed a form via the BT website registering our interest in having FTTP connected.

Our property is the only one within a mile which doesnt have FTTP, its a fairly rural location.

Is there any mechanisom to prompt FTTP connection? Is one able to pay a connection charge to BT Openreach to cover the necessary hardware installation?

Any help would be much appreciated as we run two businesses from home and the existing broadband isnt making that easy

Many thanks

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Re: FTTP Connection


Welcome to this user forum.

I assume you are Business customer, as you are not allowed to run a business on a residential account.

If you are a BT Business customer, then you may be able to order FTTP on demand. This is not available to residential customers.

See if FTTPod is showing on the availability page.

Yo can ask Openreach for a survey, and they will give you a costing.


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Re: FTTP Connection

We're currently residetial with our service provider, BT. If we discuss a new buisness connection will that confirm a FTTP connection?

Thanks for your help

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Re: FTTP Connection

@HomeFarmHouse wrote:

We're currently residetial with our service provider, BT. If we discuss a new buisness connection will that confirm a FTTP connection?

Thanks for your help

Yes, I would not expect a problem with a business connection, as its a very common request.

BT Business do have their own forum, but is not very well managed, so you would be better speaking direct to BT Business Sales.

If you look at the BT Broadband availability page, does it show FTTPod?

If it does, then you should be able to order it, subject to a survey by Openreach.

Its not going to be cheap, but if its important to your businesses, then it will be worth it.

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Re: FTTP Connection

When you say copper broadband , is that exchange based ADSL , or was/is FTTC available but you don’t have it , or because of the distance from the cabinet, the speed would be no better than ADSL or potentially worse ?
As already said, if you are prepared to pay for the construction, then FTTPod may be an option, but BT Consumer don’t offer that Openreach product, you would have to approach an ISP that does, the initial desk top survey is ‘free’ to get a ballpark figure of what you would be expected to pay, if you decide to proceed further, you pay a non returnable fee (around £300 ) this gets a bespoke contractual price, if you still wish to proceed, you pay whatever ISP you approached the full amount, minus the £300, and OR begin the construction, the point ( in a way ) is if there is FTTP relatively close by, the the aggregation node may also be near by , and the costs may be low ( low still being in the thousands as opposed to the 10’s of thousands).
Obviously if the wholesale checker doesn’t show FTTPod as available this avenue isn’t available.
FWIW, if a developer asks for FTTP , then when OR plan the work, they don’t necessarily pick up any close by property’s and include them in the scheme, so it’s unlikely that FTTP will just appear as available because of the proximity of this development.
Another possibility is if your current service is below the Universal Service Obligation (USO) of 10Mb, you could ask for a USO compliant connection, but if mobile broadband is capable of 10Mb you wouldn’t qualify