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FTTP Installation - Openreach Experience - Just wow !!

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FTTP has finally come to our village so I hopped on to BT  and was given an install date for the following week. 

On the day an Openreach Contractor comes out and has a look about. No above ground entry to the building. Contractor does not have the facilities to locate cable or a shovel to dig for a duct. I sorta expected this but was a bit deflated in any event.

Contractor makes a few calls and says that Openreach are going to see what they can do. He leaves. I resign myself to having to wait a couple of weeks (min).

Fast forward an hour and an Openreach van appears. A cheery chap jumps out then proceeds to carry out a number of checks to trace the line and excavates a very deep hole at the building line before deciding that the existing copper cable is too deep where it is entering my building but he may be able to find the duct in my front lawn. He then finds the duct in the front lawn and  installs the fibre (up the duct to the BT chamber and open cuts and lays the fibre to the building line).

Just as he is finishing up the original contractor reappears and finishes up the install.

Full Fibre up and running by 2pm.

I just posted this to share a good news story. Openreach really did a fantastic job of reacting extremely quickly to what was going to be a failed install and turned the job around. Can't praise them enough.

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Re: FTTP Installation - Openreach Experience - Just wow !!

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@Blue_Flame That's great. If you caught their details, you can leave feedback here:

If not, you can always call BT and let them know and they will forward the feedback to Openreach. That's what I did when I didn't have the engineer's details.

It's worth doing because they always appreciate positive feedback. Especially as most people only get in touch or hop online when they have a negative experience.

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Re: FTTP Installation - Openreach Experience - Just wow !!

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Yeah I have done that. Thanks