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FTTP Internal WAN cable extension - pin/ colour code

 I have had a search around but not managed to find an answer. Apologies but bit of a long first post


Had FTTP installed this week, and the hub location is too far from the modem to use the red cable provided with the smart hub. The BT engineers left me a long length of CAT5e cable to wire in under the floor. They said the connections are just straight 1 to 1 (2-2, 3-3 etc). I have put the connectors on, the hub shows blue and the network is live.  I decided to do the BT speed test to see how fast my new super fibre connection is, only to find it maxing at 80MB, well below the minimum 100MB guarantee.

I followed the online diags, and moved the hub closer to the modem to try the red cable supplied, that  also failed to improve the download speed on the BT speed test. A call raised automatically with BT.

In the mean  time, I tried other speed tests, which showed 145MB speeds to the hub, until I moved the router back and switched the cable back to the extension I made. The other speed tests all then dropped to 80MB download.

The BT speed test was the same regardless of cable used, but the other tests (tried three different sites) were all faster with the red cable, and slower with the extension. If the BT test hadn't been slow with both cables, I'd think it was an issue with the one I made, but there does seem some discrepancy with the tests, so not sure what to believe now.

Anyone else had similar issues? 




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Re: FTTP Internal WAN cable extension - pin/ colour code

Did you make the cable correctly? see:

How did you route the cable, did you keep it away from mains wiring as much as possible?

It might be worth coiling the cable up and trying it with the hub close to the ONT, if all is good then the route is suspect

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