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FTTP New Install problems

I am currently with Sky on old copper broadband with a steady download speed from 2001 (2.8 mbs) as for some reason my estate is connected to the cabinet over a mile away and not one of the 10-12 inbetween, but hey ho we lived with it as we were told ages ago we would not be able to get fibre for a few years. 

Well, a few years have passed and in the 4 months leading upto christmas there were Open Reach engineers all over the estate every other day or so.  On chatting to them they explained they were upgrading the whole estate to FTTP.  Imagine my excitement.  Going from 2.8 right up to 300.  The kids being able to watch You Tube on the Xbox One without crashing the broadband.  I have 3 kids and 3 Xbox Ones so you can imagine my pain trying to download a 75 gig game 3 times over, takes at least a week.

Anyways, I called BT and was told yep you can get Infinity 4 and processed my order.  Got an internal install date and was told the external work would be carried out by OR before then.  Waited in but no one showed.  Called BT who casually said the order was cancelled and re arranged it.

So a month later and i'm now on my 5th rearranged appointment to get this installed.

I was initially told that one of the issues was that I couldn't go from copper straight into FTTP at 300 mb.  One of the orders was then changed to Infinity 2 (80mb) but still the same problems and cancellations.  Now told that all that was wrong and I can go straight in at 300mb which is my new and latest order.

Each BT FTTP customer care operator I have spoken to has given me a different story as to what has gone wrong and the usual blah, blah, blah and I am now just waiting with fingers crossed to see if this order will go ahead.

I keep having to call the FTTP team each week just to keep on top of the order as every time it has been cancelled no one has informed me, it is only because I called them that I find out.

Has anyone gone from old copper straight into FTTP 300mb, is this causing my problems or is it likely to be something else or just BT's incompetence?

I was anticipating a rough journey with BT to get the FTTP after reading up on it before ordering but was told the end result would be very much worth it.


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Re: FTTP New Install problems

Yes you can go straight from copper to FTTP @300Mb. Unfortunately the mods here can't help you as they only deal with FTTC issues. They would only pass you onto the FTTP team whom you're currently dealing with.


Frustrating I know but it will be worth it in the end.

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