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FTTP available but cant upgrade

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FTTP shows as available to my home address on all checkers, openreach, BT Wholesale and various other ISP's. However the upgrade page on just will not let me upgrade and keeps saying that Full Fibre is coming. However its already here from what I can tell - as the screenshot below from the BT Wholesale checker says so. Indeed, if I pretend to be a new customer and put in my address, the BT site apparently will let me order FTTP. I have been in touch with BT and was put through to the data correction team, the lady on the phone was convinced I already had FTTP as I was on BT Halo 3+ and it is a fibre only product. Except the only BT equipment I have in the home is a smart hub 2, the 4G backup box and a wifi disc, no ONT whatsoever.

I have been on 80 Mbps VDSL (FTTC) for years now. Could not get her convinced otherwise (I was moved to digital voice though back in Sept, but as far as I know its still using the copper cable that enters the home).  Oh and it was late Nov/early Dec when they were around digging up the street laying new ducts for fibre.

Anyone able to suggest how to poke the site to allow me to upgrade to FTTP? Or shed any further light on why I cant upgrade to FTTP?




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Re: FTTP available but cant upgrade

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try phoning the FTTP TEAM 08005874787 see if they can help

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Re: FTTP available but cant upgrade

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After a very long call with the FTTP team I finally got to order Full Fibre 900 - had to cancel my existing service and order a brand new line/account but the order went through and on fibre 900 soon 🙂


Thanks "imjolly" for the suggestion 😄

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Re: FTTP available but cant upgrade

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Nice, did you get a good deal? Congrats on getting FTTP, it's revolutionary!

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Re: FTTP available but cant upgrade

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Yeah, price wasn't too bad really considering. It was a bit the dumb the way I had to create a whole new account and order just to get it lol. At least I dont have to pay any fees for cancelling the old line and FTTC product that I had (and that will run until I get the new fibre line in, no sense in killing that until everything else is up and running).

Provisionally install date is set for 1st April. Just a waiting game now until the survey/external work is done and how they get it from the duct thats about a meter or two away from the external wall of the house.