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FTTP having a moment every 10 days or so...

Hi All,

About every 10 days or my FTTP connection has a very bad day, with multiple outages, mostly of a few minutes and some for 15 or so. I've also noted that I'm issued a new external IP address each time, it's not an issue in itself but seems t be linked to the outages - today for instance I had 6 different addresses interspersed with a bunch of outages in the space of an hour.

A power cycle of router and modem seems to resolve most of the time, but requires someone to be home. I don't use the BT Hub as Nest mesh wifi fits my needs better. 

I'm at a loss as to how to report this issue as it's very intermittent and in my experience no support can be raise if not using the hub. I'm more than happy to run unix commands if someone is able to tell me what to look for.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: FTTP having a moment every 10 days or so...

I appear to have a similar issue with FTTC, which can occur every 3-4 days for me. I have a Fingbox connected that monitors this. The modem (Zyxel) never disconnects and has an uptime of over a month now (when I power cycled it). It would be useful to identify a solution as sometimes it a can happen multiple times in one day that disrupts performance.

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