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FTTP in a rural property

We are due to move into a new property early next year that is very rural. We did not think that FTTP would be available, but apparently it is according to the BT broadband checker and a response we have received via email from Openreach


The property currently only has copper cabling and basic ADSL. Do the above mean that we could get FTTP via overhead cabling? The reason I ask about overhead is that it is a remote property in the countryside of North Wales, approximately 1.5 miles from the nearest green cabinet

Would you say that this is good enough to be able to process an order? We accept that cabling may need to be updated, but I assume that this can be done via the overhead / telegraph poles?

(the above result is using the property's telephone number) 

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Re: FTTP in a rural property

Bt have a dedicated FTTP team so phone 08005874787

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Re: FTTP in a rural property

I don’t know where this assumption that Fibre Optic Cable can only be provided Underground comes from?

I install FTTP, mostly in rural areas and I’d say 95% of it is done overhead via Telephone Poles.