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FTTP installation questions


I had an installation for FTTP booked and when the engineer from Kelly showed up, he insisted that the fibre had to enter the premises at the point nearest the overhead pole, and that the router would need to be on the ground floor in the room directly at the front of the house.

I wanted the router to be at the back of the house, by the rear external wall but he told me either get it installed where he said or he will just leave... and he left!

I have a 1 stage install if that has any bearing, but I just want to know if what he is saying is true - since initially he made excuses like that he hasn't got a ladder (which he magically procured a short time after) so I am a bit skeptical.

Also, for 1 stage install does this mean that there will be no CSP? Searching the forums I was using this for reference


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Re: FTTP installation questions

Contractors are paid on a per job basis , if to make a reasonable income per day they need to complete ( for example ) 4 jobs ( approx 2 hours per job ) then they are not likely to volunteer to spend 4 hours on your job, if it means that they will only get 3 jobs completed and only paid for 3 instead of 4.

There are limits on what they are required to do on a standard install, so it seems to me reasonable enough , if the pole that serves your address is at the front of the property for the cable from that pole to attach at the front of the property .
If the external cable could be ran from front to back ( on a detached or semi detached property ) then an installer may consider running that ‘extra’ 15 or 20m of cable on the external walls , but if the property is mid terrace ( for example ) then that isn’t really an option.

Once the external cable is terminated on a CSP and an ‘internal’ optical cable is ran to the location of the ONT , again you shouldn’t expect the tech to run that cable through various rooms inside the property there will be limits ( not least the length of the internal Ezibend optical cable ) ….once the ONT is fitted which needs to be close to a power outlet , if you don’t want the router sited close to that position you can always provide your own ‘connection’ from the ONT to the router using your own Ethernet cable , or CAT wiring you have had installed or power line type connectors.

Single stage provision just means they don’t have to come along in advance of the install date to check the underground duct to the property is serviceable, overhead provision will generally by single stage , underground, generally 2 stage.

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Re: FTTP installation questions

Thanks for the insight, what you are saying makes sense. In regards to the ‘internal’ optical cable, my case would require drilling an internal wall to get it into the room which I would prefer (Room directly behind the front room where the fibre would enter the premises). 

Is this an acceptable ask? As if not I would be willing to drill the hole myself if that would help. I believe it is a brick wall.

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Re: FTTP installation questions

Poor service I'm afraid. As @iniltous has said, it probably reflects the attitude of the engineer. My installation (done by Quinns) has external cabling to a convenient point to enter the house. AFAIK as I know a standard installation allows for this, within the parameters set out by @iniltous 

I would ring the FTTP team - I think its 0800 587 4787 and explain your issue.

Good luck!

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Re: FTTP installation questions

It may be the case that the contractor when returning the job as incomplete can mark the job as suitable to be done by ‘direct labour’ , an Openreach employee, they are paid a salary irrespective of how many jobs per day they get through , so are more likely to consider the customers preferred method of provision ( within reason ) 

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Re: FTTP installation questions

No such option for a, ‘Direct Labour’ Engineer to attend exists and it never should.

No one put a gun to his head and made him work for an Employer who exploits them with the false premise of being ‘Self Employed’ and paying them per job.

I’ve spoken to many a Kellys and Quinns Contractor who have said they’d rather not work directly for Openreach as they rake in more money than Openreach Engineers themselves.

Anyway, the Openreach SD Engineers who are FTTP Trained only are on a flat 25k Salary with a 10% Bonus based on Task Completions so why should they have to potentially forgo their full 10% because some Kellys Hero couldn’t be bothered.