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Faceplate for Extension Socket?


We had problems with our phone line (stopped working) and a BT engineer came out.  He said that the Master socket faceplate was faulty and replaced it, now it's working fine.

However the extension sockets are still not working, no dial tone at all. He said that I would need to replace the faceplates on them as they are using older ones and probably faulty. 


Can anyone tell me which faceplates to get? He told me to get one with 5/3/2 numbers on the back. The problem is that most faeplates I see on the web are for master sockets, I am not sure if they will work as extension sockets too.


Hope someone can help, thanks!

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Re: Faceplate for Extension Socket?

don't fit master faceplate on extension socket

search this in amazon  

Single Flush Secondary Telephone Extension Socket BT

have you checked engineer connected your extension sockets to terminals 2&5 on back of master faceplate?  need that to work

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