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Fault Not Fixed, heard nothing yet

I've had trouble with my internet (fibre) for a couple of weeks - it was dropping connection frequently, and has been really slow.

I reported a fault on 3rd April when it was so slow that even the most basic of web pages was taking an age to load.  The track fault page shows it as still being in progress and I have heard nothing by email or by phone.

My internet currently has a download speed of 3 Mbps (I am on a package that offers 70 although I have never got above 30 and apparently the package that I am on is no longer available in my area as apparently the max speed we can get is 30-35 so I don't know why I was sold that and am paying that much anyway - but that's a side issue).

When I did the speed test I couldn't get a reading for upload speed as the upload part of the test never started it was that slow.

How long exactly should I wait for this fault to be fixed?

I am hearing impaired so please don't tell me to phone BT.  I am cut off from the world with my internet in this state.

It has taken me an hour to get logged into this site and access the new message page.  Hopefully it will post ok, fingers crossed.

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Fault Not Fixed, heard nothing yet

This is just a user forum with a few BT employees as Mods who may pick up your issue. But in the meantime this may help you connect with BT:

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Re: Fault Not Fixed, heard nothing yet

Yeah - I've been trying to use BT's own online chat, but with my internet in this state it isn't going well, going via a 3rd party isn't going to go any better.

At least with this site I can sit and wait for an hour for replies to load.

I really hope someone can help 🙂

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Re: Fault Not Fixed, heard nothing yet

OK well I (with some difficulty and asking for things to be repeated) phoned BT to follow up on the fault I reported on Sunday.

Apparently, reporting a fault online isn't actually reporting it and nothing happens as a result of that, so my fault has only just NOW been reported.  I don't even understand this, why have an online fault reporting facility if that isn't actually reporting it?

An engineer is booked for tomorrow.  An engineer should have been booked for Monday IMO.

This is absolutely ridiculous, why have an online fault reporting system if it doesn't actually get the thing fixed until you chase it up by phone?

I am fuming tbh, I am losing income as a result of this.

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