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Re: Fault Tracking not listed on my BT account for Infinity 2

Still monitoring... but had a call from Vodafone with this info

Who do I believe


 This is my info from HH6 at the moment

1 Days, 5 Hours 25 Minutes 41 Seconds

Data rate:

10.34 Mbps / 48.42 Mbps   (Any  discount from BT for the slower Speed??)

Maximum data rate:

10348 / 58055

Noise margin:

6.1 dB / 6.1 dB

Line attenuation:

20.4 dB

Will take this info upto end of my cooling down period to see if my sync Speeds stay the


Friends BT info makes interesting read as a comparison 

Friends is 15.7 / 6.2 and line attenuation 13.8 dB 

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Re: Fault Tracking not listed on my BT account for Infinity 2

Todays report....

Interesting after my HH6 was rebooted and now diff results give even better speeds today.

DSL uptime:

0 Days, 13 Hours 0 Minutes 44 Seconds

Data rate:

10.26 Mbps / 58.03 Mbps

Maximum data rate:

10280 / 58662

Noise margin:

6.2 dB / 6.1 dB

Line attenuation:

20.4 dB

result from btwholesale speed test.

Download speed
achieved during the test was - 55.06 Mbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds
is 40 Mbps-56.11 Mbps .
 Additional Information:
 IP Profile for your line is - 56.11 Mbps


So when I put my original fault in of 36Mb/s ( btwholesale results) I am told its ok,  

So guys... ( hopefully this will stay the same for the 10 day test)

So what facts have made my speeds faster ( -4 temp outside ) gives better throughput!!

Watch this space..



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Re: Fault Tracking not listed on my BT account for Infinity 2

Guess whos back,


Been stable on 53-56Mb download for a good year but after the latest Storm Gareth

my wife complained of crackle on the phone line,  ( How I wished I hadnt reported it)


They dutifully checked it and said they had fixed it,  only for my Broadband 

and a slight crackle on the line to come back...

Download speed anywhere from 42mb-36mb... and at 1 point 20mb download speed

I ordered and engineer to come fix this issue, and surprise before he arrives speed increases to 44mb..

Engineer discovers some noise on the line coming from the TeleGraph Pole,

and another 380Metres down the road, to which he eventually gets my  Download speed

now stable at 47Mb download....   I ask for a DML reset to see if it increases the speed

but nothing happened..


Here I am with the BT complaints closed saying its within thr contract for 35Mb-56Mb

for infinity 2... ( requote the contract) I argue it should and has been faster... 

but nothing more can they DO...


So lost 9mb download + some upload and I get told its acceptable...

Do I get a cost reduction as well...????

IF I could only go back to my normal speed I have been used to for several years..

Started Life on Infinity 2 @57Mb  then down 56Mb and hovered over 53Mb this winter

and now 47Mb...   If the quality of the line is degrading they should replace it,as I have had to do with HHB6... +paid for it..  so should the infrastructure...

Even more now so with Fibre Plus giving 100Mb speeds... for £56... and I am paying nearly that for Infinity 2.. but its not rolled out near me yet... ( Just 1 Exchange away) Pull your finger out BT

and feel free to get in touch with me to get me back to my DEFAULT of 56Mb..


L uptime:

1 Days, 3 Hours 1 Minutes 42 Seconds

Data rate:

9.71 Mbps / 47.72 Mbps

Maximum data rate:

9713 / 54819

Noise margin:

6.1 dB / 5.6 dB

Line attenuation:

20.5 dB

Signal attenuation:




Latency type:

Fast Path

ownstream sync speed:

47.72 Mbps     <----------- This used to be stable at 53-56Mb... for last year

 Upstream sync speed:

9.71 Mbps

 Network uptime:

1 Days, 3 Hours 1 Minutes

 System uptime:

1 Days, 3 Hours 3 Minutes

 Cheers Pete

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Re: Fault Tracking not listed on my BT account for Infinity 2

Good News,
Today after DLM reset my Broadband Speed is back at 55mb download and 9.59mb upload , been up 14 hours and its holding.... Hopefully I will keep at roughly this speed for the next year.... As long as no Crackles on the line.... Interesting having to have a DLM to get a decent speed...
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