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Fault reporting and contact

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How is it so difficult for a customer to contact BT by telephone to report a fault with their broadband service? Surely an organisation the size of BT should be able to sort this issue out.


I have spent all morning messing about on computers attempting to get to the bottom of this but am no further forward - other than an appreciation that others are just as frustrated as I am.


This morning I had no infinity2 service. It was working last night, it wasn't this morning. Rebooting the router (a HH5) didn't fix anything so obviously there was a problem either with the router or the line in.


Fortunately the problem sorted itself out later in the morning so, when I had a little time available AND had access to the internet, I set about making a note of the number for fault reports should I ever need it again. I should add at this point that I used to be with Virgin and in the event of any problems with any of their services the first step was a simple call to 150, it couldn't have been easier.


I feel BT have a lot to learn about service! What a fiasco this morning has been. I can't find a number to call. I can find some very condescending advice about making sure that all appropriate bits are plugged in - clearly not applicable in my case unless the gremlins have been around overnight - but I checked everything anyway. I found a very useful piece of advice that suggested that I go online to search and see why the internet wasn't working - I'm still trying to fathom out how to achieve that particular miracle.


I've found pages and pages of advice on configuration issues and PC setup - again totally useless in my case (unless the gremlins have been out again!) and I've found loads of posts on this forum that refer either to specific queries or simply a vehicle for someone to vent their spleen at BT.


But, I haven't found an answer.


Simply put, is there a number to call to report a fault with BT Infinity? (and if there is, why isn't it easier to find? Because I'm fed up of looking now and I don't think it should be SO hard to find)


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Re: Fault reporting and contact

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Broadband Helpdesk Number 0800 111 4567

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Re: Fault reporting and contact

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the help line number is shown in the leaflet provided with the hub 0800 1114567

You can also find service status on 0881690199 and the service status web page
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