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Faulty HH3?

The last 2 out of 3days i have woken up and i need to restart my hub, all the lights be on but i cannot connect wirelessly, not even picking the HH3 up on the wireless. When i connected the ethernet cable, i just get a 'loading' signal in the bottom right corner, but doesnt actually connect. I have also noticed eratic speed changes, one minute im on 42mb and the next im getting 3-4mb. This has started happening since i upgraded 80/20 infinity on the day of availability.


Also i wanted to ask, if this is a problem with the hub, would this affect my profile? The increase was much lower then expected.

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Re: Faulty HH3?

One of the about 4 threads ive posted which has no reply, i would like to THANK EVERYONE for igoring this.

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Re: Faulty HH3?

Sorry to hear about the issues your having, but you must also realise that this is a customer to customer forum so not all posts gets picked up.

Firstly, everyone has been experiencing erratic speeds in regards to the new 80/20 for reasons we do and do not know, the only thing i can suggest is that your ride out the 10 stabilisation period, if your still in it and post back if you still have problems or ring B.T or contact the mods.

The wireless, a lot of people have issues with, the solution from reading on the forums is to lock it to one channel, although i can honestly say this does and does not help.

The loading signal, sometimes i get this on my laptop, sometimes there are resource hungry applications on your P.C/laptop which can cause this.

Since your having quite a few issues with your hub as it is, the only thing i would suggest is either apply for a new hub or possibly invest in a new router for which there are many threads on the Infinity forum. Here's a good one started by P.C

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