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Re: Faulty faceplate?

@licquorice wrote:

A corroded joint probably.

Thanks. Finally is there a way for them to get their fault progressed without dealing with BT's Indian call centres?

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Re: Faulty faceplate?

Unfortunately not. :smileyfrustrated:

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Re: Faulty faceplate?

Same issue here.
Faceplate at fault, works fine using a filter on the test socket. Intermittent dropouts when using the faceplate.
Never touched the thing since BT installed it years ago and have no extensions or internal wiring.
BT saying it's up to me to fix yet tampering with the master socket apparently in breach of the contact.
What's more, the chat representative just stopped replying to me. Terrible Customer Service.
To Resolver I go...
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Re: Faulty faceplate?

You should be able to get a new faceplate as a direct replacement for existing one and you are not breaching any openreach contract especially as you have nothing connected to it

replacing the backplate where the incoming wires are attached is different but no need to touch that

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