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Fibre 900 issues

Over a month ago I changed to Fibre 900 from 80/20 FTTC. Had an ONT installed and got sent a new hub.

My expected speeds were around 900 and upload 105. The minimum guaranteed speed is 455.


Daily I am struggling to get any higher than the minimum guaranteed speed. The openreach engineer was baffled why it wasn't higher when he installed it and said it should be.


I've made many changes to my internal network after being told that was the issue. Turns out that was money wasted. Ive connected directly into the ONT with a bridged connection and I get the same speed as I do through the hub and the netgear switch I use. 

I use a cat 6 cable which should be more than enough.


The only response I get is its either my internal network and that online speed tests are inaccurate. Yet they tell me to go to which is the most inaccurate of them0 all and exaggerates the results. I proved this by limiting my network to 100mb and used a cat 5 cable and got a result of 145 which isn't possible.


I'm not sure what to do, BT don't seem to want to do anything because the voluntary guaranteed speed is being reached, however this is not the speed I'm expected to reach nor the speed I am paying for.

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