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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling

Hi @nexus23 sorry that your upload is capped at 50Mb. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod team and we'll be happy to help with your upload problem. 



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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling


Given up trying to get through via phone after multiple attempts and ridiculously long waiting times (no matter what time of day it seems) so thought i'd try on here for some help!...I got fibre 900 installed around August, from the start i was getting wifi speeds between 450 - 650 download, and 110 upload, which i was kinda happy enough with.  This lasted for around a month, however since then it has decreased steadily, and now i'm probably averaging 180mb download.  The home hub is in my hallway, we do have multiple devices, however there are only 2 adults and a young child in the house so there isnt really any heavy use going on.  The speed does fluctuate quite a bit, however no matter what is connected or the time of day, I can never get higher than 250mb via wifi.  

I know I wont achieve 900mb via wifi, but for £60pm, this is quite a pathetic showing from bt.

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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling

We've had BT full 900 now since July and i can say its been literally up and down since day one. 

I've looked at getting a new router after seeing the comments about the SH2 but why should we fork out £150+ for a compatible router? If you pay for a 5 star hotel and get a 3 star, are you supposed to go and buy the bed, duvet covers, towels etc to make it almost 5 star?

Sorry, my frustrations are getting the better of me. I'll post some screenshots to show what i mean. We were told by BT that in october a firmware update would make it considerably better, but its actually worse and the update was done on the 7th October so its had 10 days and ive reset the router twice on the 10th and on the 14th. 

July connected by Ethernet to the router:



2020-08-02 (1).png2020-08-02 (2).png2020-08-02.png

Today connected by ethernet to the router:bbspeed16oct2.PNG

Today by wifi sat next to the router:


I too have been 'fobbed off' with the "it takes time to settle" line from BT and its rubbish.  I am using a new lenovo laptop with Wifi 6 and its the same on my iphone XS, Google nest, Amazon echo and Sky Q multiroom box that are all within 10m of the router. Ive got an Xbox one and Sky Q box connected by ethernet and the Xbox downloads at less than 100mbps and the sky box doenst give figures but it takes so long to download anything on demand. 

Its just so all over the place.

Can one of the mods on here please get in touch to try and put this right. Thank you

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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling

There's a few factors you will have at play here. 

Wired Ethernet is really the only way to see the actual line speed to your router. If you have a laptop you can test with an Ethernet cable (Cat 5E upwards) to the router. You can also plug that into the ONT (BT fibre box on the wall) and test there using PPPOE settings so it will negate the router.

For me the above showed a fault (power) with the ONT which was replaced and that fixed my speed problems.

For WiFi you won't get near 900mbps and I suspect that's on any device.

Most use 2x2 MU-MIMO (multi user, multi input, multi output) so there is a limit on each device on how fast that can go. My router can handle more so my limiting factor is my devices. However, with a lot of devices none of them see a slowdown.

WiFi 6 gives more traffic lanes as such so more devices can hit a high speed and over a greater distance. 

If you have a mesh setup so lose a chunk of speed on each additional hop to another node. A wireless backhaul here is a good idea if you can.

I've confirmed I'm getting 900mbps to the router and it's constantly that good now.

Near my second node I get up to 350mbps on a Galaxy S10+ which is WiFi6. It does have better MU-MIMO but hardly any devices enable it. might sound like I'm not getting 900 but I am. Internal devices are my limiting factor but I knew that already.

If you aren't getting 900 to the ONT it might have a fault. You can check with an Ethernet cable directly into it with a laptop.

The BT hub had a fault which I think was rectified with v17 of the firmware. I suspect the settling down thing is waiting for firmware to get pushed to it. You can't request it.

For a lot of people the hub is probably OK but being honest if you are after 900mbps you are likely to want to push it so additional routers and mesh systems seems sensible. BT have provided something that is capable but you are getting that effectively for free so it's a value option rather than premium.

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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling

Oh and Sky Q seems to max out around 250mbps and I think the limit is what Sky will serve up at. Mine is wired to a second node so effectively used the node backhaul. I can still start a 4K movie without problems in 20 seconds or so. It'll download very quickly too. Btw, Sky Q works much better if you can wire it. I use the 2nd node for the main box and powerline adapters for the mini boxes and it's totally stable. Nest cameras can be a pain so I have a different router (for range) for them.

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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling


2 great posts with lots of info. Thank you for that.👍

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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling

thanks for those detailed posts.  

I am also experiencing very erratic speeds on Download - I suspect it is contention as it is noticeably slower during peak hours in the evening.  I raised a complaint through the FTTP team, which yes is a nightmare to get through (up to 2 hours in some cases) which in itself is farcical - I am not sure if they still say it is due to flooding or Covid, or both, either way for a business the scale of BT to not have more robust systems in place is laughable - but thats another issue for another day.

On the download speed issue, my complaint was escalated after multiple attempts to resolve including the likes of new ONT box, multiple site visits by an Openreach Engineer, multiple attempts by the FTTP team to change my hub settings etc etc etc.

End result for me was a call where the FTTP complaints team accepted they do not appear to be able to deliver a consistent speed to my house and he only options were drop down to a lower speed package or accept it (for which they offered compensation).  I chose to remain on the 900 despite rarely ever seeing 900 even when cabled to the SH2 with a CAT6.

I would like to test the speeds to the ONT, is it just simply plug in the CAT6 directly into where the ONT is currently connected to the SH2?

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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling


Follow these instruction mate. 

BT Username:

BT Password:  BT 

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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling

My speeds have been really good since i got fttp installed 2 weeks ago.. range from consistent 870-920 seems to say 1.0-1.3gb not to sure why that is.


wifi6 around 720-800


Using cat6 cables but  not using bt homehub, currently using netgear nighthawk rax80

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Re: BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling- SOLUTION

Hi all

after many routers, crazy ideas finally solved the 900 + speed problem.

like everyone trying to get this line to go full speed has been a problem, even using a asus au88 router ( it worked but is unstable ) doing the Netflix test, press play the. Fast forward 4 times, and it buffers.  So in the end my frustration blew. Up.

the BT router has been posted to a war zone. And replaced with

kit, HP I5, 8Gb ram, 250 SSD. 1x10Gb 4 port Network Card LP, and a few more for my setup ( bet your thinking eh?)

asus au 88

netgear night hawk

INSTALLATION OF PFSENSE.(free open source)

connect line to nic 1 ( ont rj45)

asus 88 to nic 2 ( or any other router )

netgear to nic 3 ( or any other router)

any routers can be used in Ap mode (saving you a load of money)

create a bridge connection and add nic 1 and nic 2 to the bridge 

nic 4 - i used to connect to my freenas ( optional ) or connect to switch ect for back hall

if you need more network ports, just add then ( Intel cards work amazing, Realtek cards are unstable )

visit the popular video web site ut( Lawrence systems ) on how to set up, its quite easy.

and voila ive had 2 months of constant full speed not throttling. Not to mention a 10gb LAN connection


asus au 88 in AP mode - access point only

netgeat night hawk - access point only

installed firewall apps on pfsense.

on pfsense create a WAN connection and assign it to nic 1 - username and pass word as normal, and set it to Ppoe.

visit ut for more.

you do not need the pc spec I have stated, you could use something smaller, I3 8gb ram,  but multiple network are required.


good luck 

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