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Fibre Availibility

Hi all,


I've moved into a new development back in February 2016. There was no phone line into the property, therefore, I had to take out a line myself. When they connected my line, they connected it to a cabinet that's nearby and that cabinet has a Fibre sticker on it. When I check my postcode on Openreach's website, it says that I can get fibre, I have tried taking out fibre with BT, TalkTalk, Sky and Vodafone. All orders are placed successfully however, I get a call 2/3 days later saying I cant get fibre because of an issue in my exchange.

Now I went around my block, there are about 100 houses that were built at the same time and I have checked to see that every single one of them have fibre, except me. I went door to door because I was extremely frustrated with my poor ADSL connection that I dont even get 1 meg speed. 

 Now when I check Openreach's website, it doesn't recognise my landline number and the postcode checker shows my property as somewhere up in Scotland when its in London. However my cabinet is still fibre enabled.

Is there anything I can do to address this issue because this is extremely frustrating and unfair that all but me get fibre?

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Re: Fibre Availibility

Are you a BT customer at present?

enter your phone number and post results remember delete number

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