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Fibre Broadband Question

My house has still got the old copper wires doing the Broadband.

It's not slow, but it's obviously nowhere near Fibre speeds.

Gigaclear have been in our street and town for months and according to their website, they now offer up to 900mbps (Hyperfast 900, but I don't think they are actually finished yet based on the work still going on in my street and the workers sitting in their vans playing on their mobiles).  Not that I'll need that speed, but if I go for their 500mbps (Ultrafast 500), it's still cheaper than BT and it's on a 18 month contract.  I currently have Fibre 2 (Downloads  66-73 mbps and Uploads 12-13 mbps).  Any of BT's upgrades on offer to me in my account are nowhere near the Gigaclear speeds (maybe BT have not updated their database now that Fibre is in my street).

There's no rush, as my current BT contract still has a few months left.

As I see Gigaclear digging up every street wherever I drive, I was just wondering if anyone has recently had the copper cables changed to Fibre and is it VASTLY noticeable? 

I can live with what I have (it's not broken), but if I'm missing something far superior for a cheaper price, I'd be silly not to look into it.  And I wonder why BT are not offering these speeds to me !!


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Re: Fibre Broadband Question

Its like asking if I stick to the speed limit, do I need a car capable of 200mph.

Unless you are downloading huge files or streaming half a dozen 4K TV channels simultaneously, you will not see any difference.

Openreach can't fibre the whole country overnight.

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Re: Fibre Broadband Question

There is one upside to FTTP if not the speed. That upside is stability. 

If your current copper connection is poor and keeps flaking out then it may be worthwhile switching over to full fibre. (Going forward it will be the norm one day as copper is now.)

But if you are happy as you are now then just wait and see what's available at the end of your contract.

FTTP can still be delivered with speeds of 100mbps and lower. 

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Re: Fibre Broadband Question

If an Alternative Network like Gigaclear provides FTTP , then only the ISP’s  that use that network will be available, in Gigaclear case , AFAIK, they are both the network provider and sole ISP ,so if want to use Gigaclear network  , you also have to use them as the ISP , no other ISP are available, just them 

BT will never be available on  that network , it’s not a case of BT updating databases, BT will only  offer FTTP when Openreach ( the network operator that BT use ) have provide FTTP in your area, not before and certainly not over Gigaclear network.

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