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Fibre Exchange Roll-Out List

Basically, I'm just trying to understand that if an exchange is registered as being: "FTTC/P & FOD" with "Now" availability, do residential customers have any way of checking if Openreach is in the process (or plan to) roll out native FTTP to users of the FTTC/P enabled exchange? The website tells me, unfortunately, "If your area is currently in our plans to be upgraded with FTTP we follow a different design and build process so you won't see updates at each stage."  This is where I found the exchange list: 

It's worth mentioning that this list differentiates between FTTC/P and FoD which tells me that indeed the exchange is enabled for future FTTP. 

My exchange is NIBWR. BT DSL Checker shows that I can get FTTC only at present (not including FTTPoD.)

Many thanks

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