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Fibre install has been a nightmare

When I originally ordered my fibre service I was given an install date of the 10th of september. The engineers came a few days before to put the cable from the BT grate to outside my house.

When they arrived they found out the ducting was blocked so they couldn't do it so my installation date was put back to the 27th of september which was fine by me if they needed time to sort it. On the 25th we were informed that there was going to be a further delay because the road works still needed carrying out so the install date was put back a 3rd time to the 21st of October and we were told the road works will be done sometime between 26th Sept and 1st October then they would arrange for engineer to come put the outside cable in.

Openreach turned up on the morning of the 26th and started the roadworks and by dinnertime on the 27th it was all complete and they had even got an engineer to put the cable to my house so it's all ready to go.

Called BT and informed them the cable is there and that it's ready and I dont see a point waiting until the 21st october as they are now paying us £5 per day compensation, they are calling me on wednesday to give us an install date which they hope will be by the end of the week.  BUT....

we have now had an email (at 0140 this morning) saying it looks like there is going to be a further delay and it looks like they will have to move our install date of the 21st october back again, I have no idea why when we are literally ready to go.

It seems the communication between BT and openreach is shocking and one doesn't know what the other is doing.

I'll await the call on Wednesday and if there is a further delay I will be looking to cancel the order altogether as it is getting beyond a joke now, my current provider cancelled on the 27th as it was a confirmed appointment so we now have no internet service and at the moment absolutely no idea when the new install is going to happen.

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Re: Fibre install has been a nightmare

In circumstances like this BT Retail (your ISP) has no control over the install date. If Openreach have put it back to the 21st then that is what it will be.

If you want further info then the FTTP team may be able to help, but I doubt they can change the date. 0800 587 4787.

If @Starwire is available he may to be able to explain further on here.

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