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Fibre installation & erection of a telegraph pole

At present I am on standard broadband with EE but we are having a brand new fibre line installed by BT and we want Superfast Fibre broadband with BT, we can have it. We applied on the 6th May 2019 to have the service, we were given ducting for the fibre to be pulled through as we are having it buried under ground and I dug a trench and buried the ducting. On 3rd June, I notified BT that the work has been completed and that afternoon an Openreach came out to inspect how many telegraph poles were needed and where, he decided that only one was rerquired outside our property and 28 days notice was required, fair enough. At the end of June I rang up BT to ask when the erection of the telegraph pole was going to take place, I was told 2nd July, but no one turned up. So the next day I rang BT stating no one turned up and I was told the external work was going to be completed by the 15th July, again no one turned up. I phoned again and was told I was given a "Case Handler" who now told me the external work will be carried out on the 29th July, but still no one turned up. I phoned BT again to complain was told I will get a call on Wednesday. I am fed up with being kept waiting for the installation of the fibre optic line. What I would like to know what would be the possible causes for the delay, do the erection of telegraph poles need planning permission?

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Re: Fibre installation & erection of a telegraph pole

Since you mention the telegraph pole has yet to be erected, you might find this thread to be of interest as it seems OpenReach is responsible for that.

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