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Fibre speed dropped from 28mb to 17

Hi several months ago my fibre went off for a day and when I was fixed my speeds had dropped from 28mb to 17mb.

I spoke to bt and they sent out an engineer who confirmed there was no fault within my property or on the line itself

However he informed me that openreach had recently installed another cabinet between my property and the cabinet it is connected to, and this was the reason for the drop in connection speed.

I have asked to be connected to the new cabinet, but apparently I will have to be without internet connectivity for at least 2 weeks while they make the switch

Is there anything else I can do to get my speed back to where it was?

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Re: Fibre speed dropped from 28mb to 17

Can you enter your phone number and post results remember delete number

can you post stats from your hub. If hh6 then advanced settings then technical log information 

only openreach can change you to what is possibly an infil cabinet and on their timescale

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