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Re: Fibre through loft to router

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I'm also looking at this loft option.

I currently have all of my smart device hubs and switches and CCTV in the loft and run an ethernet cable up/down a wall into the back of a centrally placed router. It keeps all the equipment and wiring out of the way in the loft.

I have FTTP on order and the Part 1 engineer said its all ok to place the ONT in the loft so has pre-cut a 30m length of fibre cable ready that at the moment is sitting outside. 

One question I wanted to ask you was, how did you lay the cable in the loft? Along the edges under the insulation or through a conduit? My connection date is 01/04/2019, I just thought I should get all the necessary bits in place for it.

Would it be a good idea to feed the cable myself, up through another conduit on the side of the house?

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