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Fibre to property setup - fault?

I have a fibre to property set up and I have some questions.

This is the equipment that was installed 5 years ago when i bought the house (from new) and fibre was then installed. I have effectively three pieces, the white square modem (assume it is) in the first picture and then another box next to it which I have no idea what it is specifically but it has a red fault light on it all the time (only recently) and then the actual smart hub 2 (not shown).


So first question, is this still the latest set up if you have fibre (i.e. total of three boxes)?

Second question, everything seems to work but I still have this fault showing on the box in the photos? not sure whether to get an engineer to check it out or if anyone has any suggestions... obviously tried the power cycling.




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Re: Fibre to property setup - fault?

The unit with the red light showing is the battery back up. The rechargeable batteries have probibly reached end of life.

The battery back up  is no longer needed as it was only supplied to keep Fibre voice (now discontinued) active for a short periods of power failure.

You can safetly remove it.

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Re: Fibre to property setup - fault?

That’s the original 4+2 ONT with a BBU, Battery Back Up Unit. 

The BBU is what’s in the second picture with the Red Light.

The Red Light indicates a problem with the 4 Rechargeable Batteries in them.

The BBU was only needed for the FVA, Fibre Voice Access Service in the event of a Power Cut.

It appears from the ONT Picture you still have the FVA Service. 

Openreach have actually now stopped Supplying BBU’s altogether so I’m not sure calling an Openreach Engineer out will help.

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Re: Fibre to property setup - fault?

@Starwire  Wasn't the customer responsible for replacing the rechargeable batteiries from the beginning? I seem to remember that being the case, could be wrong though.

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Re: Fibre to property setup - fault?

To be honest I can’t remember?

Openreach never supplied individual replacement batteries, if it was a case of replacing them Engineers would resort to taking some out of a brand new box that included the BBU.

They haven’t supplied BBU’s for about 3 years now. There’s very few places left that still have the FVA Service and I know Openreach are eager for CP’s to supply them with VOiP ASAP as they want rid of FVA for good as it’s to costly to maintain.

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Re: Fibre to property setup - fault?

I've found reference to it here.

"Obviously this would become problematic in a power cut, particularly so for FTTP-only properties, and so Openreach and a few other providers have long included a BBU with their new installs.


The BBU simply consists of four replaceable 2000mAH-NiMH (1.2v) BYD rechargeable AA batteries (charged by the fibre unit) and it is the end-users responsibility to maintain these." 

But I'm still pretty sure I've seen it in original Openreach info somewhere.

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