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Fibre to the Home Connection Issues

Hi I'm not sure which package I'm not exactly but I believe we are guaranteed 50Mb/s and see speeds sometimes exceed 100Mb/s download speeds. Upload goes upto around 18-20Mb/s.

However it seems to be inconsistent, not just the speeds, mainly a fully functional connection. Some of the devices I have at home are as follows:

1: Xbox One X - Wired connection (Also connects wirelessly)

2: Yale Smart Home alarm system - Wired connection

Those are the only 2 wired devices.


3: Xbox One S - Wirelessly connected.

+A couple mobile phones and smart TVs, not all are usually active.


So the main issues me and my partner notice are during gaming on the Xbox One X and One S, the Xbox One X seems to hit lag spikes regularly, delays etc but the connection never drops entirely.

However the Xbox One S seems to drop its connection entirely, forcing the console to its dashboard signed out etc, to then reconnect some 20-60 seconds later.


The Wired connection for the Xbox One X is as follows: Fibre Hub in house- Router - Ethernet Port in wall upstairs - Ethernet Port out of the wall dow stairs - Xbox One X.


Tried playing online with the required ports forwarded for the xbox one x and also without and both have the same issue.

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