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Re: Fibre with Halo 2 speeds not achieved

Your aim of low 60Mb’s is plausible, given the max attainable, but if the line is unstable you may well be on a banded profile , if no issues , over time the speed should get to where you others have said, if you only got 50Mb on an upto 55Mb service , then by itself moving to a higher speed service wouldn’t improve anything apart from a possible upload increase.
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Re: Fibre with Halo 2 speeds not achieved

Thanks for the replies.

I will purchase an RJ11 cable and check if it makes a difference between hub and master socket.

My upload speed is always well within the advertised range and always get 20mb. 

I have checked my messages and BT confirmed the fibre 1 package I use to be on was capped at 50mb download and the emails confirmed that too. I've been doing speed tests on various sites including 'my bt' app and it did spike up to 60 on one test before dropping down to average 44. 

Having spoken to customer care on twitter they said leave it for another 10 days and will see what the DLM does. 

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Re: Fibre with Halo 2 speeds not achieved

the fibre 1 package is connection speed cap 55/10mb there is no cap on download but cannot exceed the 55mb cap less overheads

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Re: Fibre with Halo 2 speeds not achieved

Update! (Sorry to be an almighty pain)

DSL uptime now at 10 day mark. I did more digging and noticed my old package was infinity 1 capped at 52mb and completely forgot you could check your speedtest history on the app, noticed a lot of 51.5mb wireless speed results last year. Checks i have done for past 10 days show a max achieved of 43.7mb. 

In 3 years I have never lost connection apart from when I have either had to switch mains power off, moving the router or using the wall socket it was connected to.

Noise margin for last 10 days (installation of new mk4 master socket faceplate) has stuck at 7.8db (dload) I was always getting 6 or even 3db but I can only imagine that because of the sheer amount of disconnections I made in a window over 10 days ago when I was trying to troubleshoot has caused it to stick to 7.8 for now. Which makes me wonder, when will DLM or G.INP really kick in? 

My expected max attainable speeds should be in the 60s when noise margin reduces but i have no idea when it will do so. My distance to the green cabinet (following road layout) is 300m. 

Quiet line tests show no issue but just a dull expected hum on the cordless phone. Sync speed currently capped at 49, has never changed in past 10 days.


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