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Free BT WiFi / No Broadband for 2+ months

Hello, I am currently having to rely on the free BT WiFi but whenever I connect to it on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and my laptop pc it doesn't stay connected for more than 5mins and keeps dropping then asking me to log back in. Our LG TV is fine and lasts for upto an hour. Any one else had this experience?

Reason for using free BT WiFi is because I have been messed around regarding my connection.
It was fine from May '20 when I moved into my new build property but on the 23rd December we woke up to a  flashing PON light. There was apparently a mix up with my neighbour and our connection so when they cancelled their BT contract and went with Sky it somehow knocked ours out (I also saw their account number appear within my account!).

Throughout the remainder of Dec and Jan I was told it would be fixed within 7 days but ended up getting originally addressed in 4 weeks ago but I'd already been told to cancel my original connection and initiate a new order. So we had it back for a couple of days ahead of our 'new' activation date, then it went again last week (or the week before, I've honestly lost track!).
I then had my order partially cancelled again and still waiting for further action from either BT or Openreach!
All it needs is our ONT serial number correcting with Openreach...

BT did send a mini hub out to me which I returned when I thought my problems had been fixed but whilst it was appreciated, we had similar experience with the Mini Hub as we do with our mobile phone hotspot.

I have effectively had no broadband for over 2 months and I am going stir crazy!

Does anyone have any advice in terms of escalation?

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