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From pillar to post - Profile issue

For nearly 2 weeks I have been struggling to get resolution to the issue of poor upload speed from my new Infinity service. When I placed the order I said that my biggest concern was upload speed as I work from home and have to upload content regularly.


I was estimated to get 15-20 Mbit download and 1-2 Mbit upload (>1000m from the cabinet). When the service was installed around the 14th August I got 11/0.4 and that hasnt changed. Speed checker (BT Wholesale) suggested that i was getting around 90% of my expected download but my upload was 25% of what was expected.


I raised  a fault and was told that it looked like an issue and that and engineer visit was required. 5 days later the appointment was missed due to "lack of engioneer resources". Re-booked and 5 days later the second appointment was missed "previous job overan". At this point the case was escalated and I was getting lots of phone calls but no resolutions.


I toyed with cancelling completely but was convinced to re-book another appointment. That took place yesterday and a really helpful Openreach engineer came out and did full diagnositics on the line. The verdict wasnt great.....


The line is fine, no CRC's, good SNR and you are getting about what he would expect given the distance from the cab and the fact that some of the cabling downstream is aluminium. He said that my problem would probably be helped if I was on a 40/10 profile instead of the 40/2 I had. His suggestion was that i request that profile change.


I called back to the "Easy support" number and after 30 mins of hold and 30 mins of discussion was advised that the profile change could not be requested until the engineer job was closed off and notes uploaded. I should call back 4 hours later


I called back 4 hours later and spent 3 hours! on the phone trying to get someone to change my profile. I was passed between 5 different people and eventually was told "I am putting you through to the network team now, they will answer within 30secs and they can make the change for you." Oh no, back into the general queue I went and faced with another 40minute wait I gave up.


In the course of the 3 hours I was told that my profile could not be changed to 40/10 as it required an upgrade in the exchnage (I said at the time that sounded like bullsh1t). I was then told by the same second line person that my line could not handle the 40/10 profile. I asked which was it and he couldnt say.


I wont pay for Infinity when I get 350-400k upload. I could probably get that with ADSL2. 


I have no idea whether a chnage to a 40/10 profile is possible or would help. However, given that the alternative is to cancel my account (and fight about whether I can cancel the phone line) it seems worth a go.


Can anyone help me as I simply cant go through another 3 hours on the phone?







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Re: From pillar to post - Profile issue

Hi Vola


Send us an email and I can have it investigated to see if this is something we can arrange.


You can email us using the contact the mods link in my profile you will find it in the section 'About Me'.





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