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Full Fibre 150 settings

Hi all,

I am currently using a Asus RT-AC68U on Infinity 1 and should get the new full fibre 150/30 in a couple of weeks. Now I understand this comes with a new smart hub, but the Asus is set up with all the correct settings for my network and VPN.

I saw in the "BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling" that others have this same Asus router in use already with their faster full fibre connection and thus it should work for the 150/30 one as well.

Would someone be able to share the settings needed for the WAN page? That is of course assuming it's different from the Infinity settings.

I checked the LAN -> Switch Control settings and NAT Acceleration (CTF) is already set to Auto (which is the enabled option, as the only other option is disabled)

Current settings are:
WAN Connection Type: PPPoE
WAN: Yes
NAT: Yes
UPnP: Yes
Secure UPnP: Yes

Get WAN IP Auto: Yes

Manual DNS settings
I use a raspberry Pi pihole as DNS server anyway

Password: BT
MTU: 1492
MRU: 1492
Internet detection: PPP Echo
Interval: 6
Max failures: 10

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Re: Full Fibre 150 settings

are you actually getting FTTP or is it GFAST?

if FTTP you should have something like this ONT

ONT fttp_small_ont_2019.jpg

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Re: Full Fibre 150 settings

Dont have the new hardware yet, the appointment is scheduled for the 11th. I'm just preparing really.

Package was sold as full fibre, the package is called Full Fibre 100 with Halo 1.
"BT Halo with Complete Wi-Fi", only because there was no package without the Wi-Fi to make it cheaper.

It comes with the Smart Hub 2 according to the email.

The option has become available only per Friday (16th) and I ordered it straight away 🙂

The image they use in advertising looks like it would be FTTP as it shows as fibre from local BT Exchange direct to your house.

Apart from that, no other information, so may need to wait until I get the package 😉 I had the choice for the 900 package, but it was too pricey for me and not needed at that price point.

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Re: Full Fibre 150 settings

If you had the option of 900 it will definitely be FTTP. You connect the ASUS WAN port to the ONT LAN1 port.

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Re: Full Fibre 150 settings

Ok, any specific settings needed on the Asus itself? Or would the above (original post) settings be fine for it?
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Re: Full Fibre 150 settings

There will be setting somewhere to set the logical WAN port to the physical WAN port rather than the DSL port but I'm not familiar with the Asus.

Hopefully our resident Asus expert @TimCurtis will be along to help.

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Re: Full Fibre 150 settings

Keep in mind this is the RT-AC68U, not the DSL-AC68U. It has a normal WAN port, not a DSL modem connection in it.

WAN connection type options:
- Automatic IP
- Static IP
- PPPoE (current)
- L2TP

@DarrenG are you able to clarify? I saw in the other topic that you are using the same router.

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Re: Full Fibre 150 settings

Ah, sorry, missed it was the RT being used with a modem. In which case it should just be a case of swapping the connection from the modem to the ONT

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Re: Full Fibre 150 settings

Was answering for the DSL version so now removed my comments