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Full Fibre 500 & Smart Hub 2 - Slow Download Speeds

Hello, I recently upgraded from Fibre 100 to Fibre 500 and the download speeds I’ve averaged are underwhelming. 
On Fibre 100 I averaged 130-150Mbps but with Fibre 500 it’s about 160Mbps-200Mbps, rarely has it ever hit 300Mbps.

I was wondering what other speeds people are seeing with Fibre 500 and Smart Hub 2? Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Full Fibre 500 & Smart Hub 2 - Slow Download Speeds

What speeds do you get using or

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Re: Full Fibre 500 & Smart Hub 2 - Slow Download Speeds

Seeing a lot of inconsistencies 150-300Mbps on both.  Even standing right beside the hub I’m only getting 350Mbps with the occasionally jump to 400Mbps. 

But I think the main issue is the Wi-Fi signal. I live in a small bungalow and the hub is almost central in the hallway but there’s a huge drop off in speed even moving a few steps. This is using Wi-Fi 5 devices that are connected to the 5Ghz band. BT are sending a new Smart Hub 2 as part of the upgrade but I don’t think it will make a huge difference. I might look at 3rd party routers. 

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