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Full Fibre 900 Problem - Orange Light on Hub

Hi all,

we have moved into a property where full fibre 900 is available and our activation day has passed. Landline working fine, but smart hub 2 has a constant orange light and we can’t get broadband working, even though on My BT app it says activation has been successful.

I’ve spent 3 hours this morning on the phone to various BT staff who have ran all the tests, power cycles etc and says everything is fine. They have run out of options but refuse to send an engineer out as LOS light is not on.  The port 1 light flickers a little but they said that was fine.

we have ordered a new smart hub 2 as a last resort but were told it’s highly unlikely to be the issue.

has anyone else dealt with this before? We are at a complete loss over how to fix this.

many thanks!


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Re: Full Fibre 900 Problem - Orange Light on Hub

You can try taking the SmartHub 2 out of the equation if you have a laptop or computer with an Ethernet port. Connect it directly to the ont and set up a pppoe connection. Make sure your firewall is turned on. If it works either disconnect your laptop or update the virus checker. I assume you’ve got a Smarthub 2 with a red port and that’s what you’ve connected to the ont.

Also what lights are on on the ont, is the PON light on?

To set pppoe in windows 10

1. Open network and sharing centre on windows and click set up a new connection or network
2. Connect to the internet (the top option) then click make a new connection Broadband PPPoE
3. Username and any password e.g. BT

Also google windows 10 PPPoE, there are loads of great step by step guides.

remember you’re connecting your machine directly to the internet so best have your anti virus and firewall software on. Personally I wouldn’t leave it connected that way for too long.


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Re: Full Fibre 900 Problem - Orange Light on Hub

The orange light on the hub is telling you that you have no connection but I would expect the LOS light to be on it that were the case. Try a factory reset (not just a reboot) on the hub

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