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Full Fibre 900 - Slow Speeds

I have the Full Fibre 900 package and it first I was getting 900mbps down and 100 up.  But after about  3 weeks or so I noticed that the speeds have dropped to anything between 250-350 down and 100 up.

I have had an engineer come to my house and checked out the cabling and signal strength and everything checks out ok my end.  The engineer said to me that someone would call me back, but unfortunately that never happened.  So I called them again and they said they had closed the fault.  So I mentioned I am getting still getting the same issues and they said everything checks out there side and can't see any fault.  However they did try to blame the router saying it is not correctly reporting the speed I am getting, which they said the would be rolling out a firmware update in late October to address this issue.

All my tests have been over a wired (cat 6) cable, I have tried two different devices, as well as different cat6 cables to rule out any faults with the cables and I am getting the same speed results.

I was hoping someone could shed some light on the issue as it seems like BT doesn't think it is a problem.  Even after mentioning my Home hub  2 was reporting the correct speeds previously.



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