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Full Fibre from BT - Your questions answered

What is Full Fibre?

We’re leading the UK into an exciting future with the next generation of fibre broadband. We call it Full Fibre and it means a dedicated fibre connection directly to your home, not your street. It’s the UK’s most reliable broadband technology and it’s going to be a game-changer.

Full fibre is our next-generation broadband, with speeds of over 900 Mbps and a more reliable connection than ever before.   We have launched and we are starting to roll Full Fibre out across the country. Currently, 8% of homes in the U.K. can get it, with the ambition to reach 50% by 2025.



What is the available speed on Full Fibre, including upload speed?

 Full Fibre has speeds up to 25 times faster than Superfast fibre and it’s super reliable.  Connect as many devices as you want to it: Full Fibre stays reliably fast, day and night.

There will be two packages available which will offer a download speed of 500MB/s with an upload of 65MB/s and a whopping download of 900MB/s with an upload of 100MB/s.



Is there a guarantee on Full Fibre speeds?

Yes, the following guarantees will be offered on our Full Fibre packages,


Speed guarantee

Full Fibre 100


Full Fibre 250


Full Fibre 500


Full Fibre 900




Is Full Fibre available in my area?

It’s only available in a select number of homes at the moment. So keep trying or register your interest and we’ll tell you when it’s available at your home.



Full Fibre is not available to me, where can I find out when I can get it?

You can Register your interest here;  We’ll let you know when faster broadband available in your area.


Do I have to take up the Digital voice service when I regrade my contract when DV is available to me? 

Generally, yes you will need to move to Digital Voice when you regrade your service.  You can find out more about Digital Voice from this link, BT Digital Voice: a better way to keep in touch 


Do I have an option to keep my copper-based landline?

No, once you move to BT’s Digital Voice service you will lose your copper-based landline. 



Why is BT moving to Digital Voice?

As your household becomes more connected, we're bringing all our technologies together onto one smart network to improve the quality of the service you get from us.

Digital Voice is our next generation home phone service. We're upgrading our network to enable future technologies and to make it easier for you to connect on any device at home or on the go.

We aim to complete the upgrade from Copper-based landline to Digital Voice by 2025.



What happens to the Full Fibre home phone service if there is a power cut?

If you have a battery backup unit installed, you will be able to make calls.  You can purchase a Battery backup unit from BT, this unit will power the phone handsets as well as the broadband.



Is an engineer visit required to install the new service?

We need some additional kit to power our Full Fibre technology. You'll need to have an ONT installed. If an Openreach ONT is already installed, no engineer visits are needed. If there isn't one already installed, we'll get an engineer over to you. 



What equipment will I need to have Full Fibre?

You will need an Openreach ONT and a fibre compatible BT Hub. This equipment will be supplied free of charge. 



How much will this cost?

 A comprehensive list of prices can be found on via this link, BT Full Fibre 



Will my existing hub work on Full Fibre?

Only if you have a fibre compatible BT Hub 



If I have a problem with the service is there a specialist helpdesk I should call?

You can call the regular helpline on 0800 800 151 for help with your Full fibre connection, alternatively, you can visit our online help pages on



I have a new BT Full Fibre plan but the MyBT Speed Test is not retuning the speeds that I expected. Do I have a fault?

It is most likely that you do not have a fault. To reliably test the speed to your BT Smart Hub, we recommend running the MyBT speed test on a device connected directly to your Smart Hub with an Ethernet cable.



Why does my device not show the full speeds when testing over wireless?

As broadband speeds get faster some devices are unable to utilise the full speeds over the Wi-Fi network. When the speeds exceed what the device's capabilities are then a few factors come into play regarding Wi-Fi speeds such as, but not limited to, the amount of antennae your device e.g. phone/tablet/laptop has, the number of local devices connected to the hub and the number of neighbouring networks in the area.  Some older devices are limited in terms of the maximum Wi-Fi speed they can handle, this is also true for some newer devices.  Some devices will struggle to reach the full 900MB + speed available on BT’s Full Fibre 900 plan



Does the Smart Hub 2 use Wi-Fi6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest standard and we’re working hard to incorporate this into our next generation of hubs.



Why do I see variable speeds on the MY BT Speed tester?

Using our speed tester over Wi-Fi may give different speed readings. A speed test over Wi-Fi is dependent on good signal, the speed a device is capable of using over Wi-Fi and the number of other connected devices on the network at the same time. We recommend running any speed test using a wired connection.