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Full fibre installation problem

I am having problems getting any information about installation of full fibre at my address from either BT or Openreach. Fibre lines have been installed into my road terminating at a CBT box, as part of the whole area upgrade to full fibre (Wirral). Most roads a short distance away and served by the same exchange have been able to order full fibre for a while but I can’t, neither can anyone in the couple of roads closest to me. I registered a while ago for updates and received an email from Openreach in July confirming full fibre would be available to order soon, but recently their website availability checker changed to show that there are no plans to install full fibre at my address. I have tried to contact Openreach via their website but have had no reply, and when I raise the issue with BT am told they have no more information than me. I can only get approx 12Mb speed at present it is causing a bit of a headache. Could anyone please advise how I can find out what is going on and when I might be able to get full fibre installed?



Broadband Availability Checker

Telephone Number on Exchange ARROWEBROOK is served by Cabinet 35
Featured Products Downstream Line Rate(Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream HandbackThreshold(Mbps) WBC FTTC Availability Date WBC SOGEA Availability Date Left in JumperHigh Low High Low        VDSL Range A (Clean)

VDSL Range B (Impacted)
Featured Products Downstream Line Rate(Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream Range (Mbps) Availability Date FTTP Install ProcessFTTP on Demand
ADSL Products Downstream Line Rate (Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream Range(Mbps) ADSL Availability Date Left in JumperWBC ADSL 2+ADSL MaxWBC Fixed RateFixed Rate
Up to 2--1 to 3Available--
Up to 0.5--0.25 to 1.5Available--
SOADSL Products Downstream Line Rate (Mbps) Upstream Line Rate (Mbps) Downstream Range(Mbps) WBC SOADSL Availability Date Left in JumperWBC SOADSL 2+SOADSL MaxSOADSL Fixed Rate
Up to 2--1 to 3----
Up to 0.5-- ----
Up to 1--0.25 to 1.5----
Observed Speeds VDSLMax Observed Downstream SpeedMax Observed Upstream SpeedObserved Date
Other Offerings Availability DateVDSL MulticastADSL Multicast
Premise Environment StatusBridge TapVRINTE FacePlateLast Test Date
Exchange Product Restrictions StatusFTTP Priority ExchangeWLR WithdrawalSOADSL Restriction


FTTP is not available.

The exchange is not in a current fibre priority programme

WLR is currently available at the exchange

SOADSL is restricted at the exchange







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Re: Full fibre installation problem


Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum

Please edit out your phone number as this is a public forum viewable worldwide.

As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at

As a business user you can order Fibre On Demand, but its quite expensive.

BT Business Sales may be able to offer other connection options.

You cannot run a business on a residential account.