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Guarantee speed not being met on fibre broadband


I moved to BT broadband from VM in July and was given a guaranteed download speed of 36 Mbps but do not receive more than about 26 Mbps. My neigbour gets over 50 Mbps and so it seems the service is truly available in my street. I have phoned BTmore than 10 times but it seems every appointment or fault report to BT wholesale or Openreach gets closed with a "fault cleared after test in exchange". BT/Openreach have missed 2 appointments (as in never contacted me and never showed at my home) and thereby wasted 2 mornings. At least 3 call centre calls have been terminated at the other end.  It is not helped by always having to reiterate the entire story after waiting for several minutes on the phone before reaching the call centre - nobody seems to take responsibility to resolve the issue. It appears that  BT broadband are unable to communicate between their teams effectively.

Has anybody had similar issues with BT unable to meet their speed guarantee? If so how did you get BT to  understand this is a speed guarantee issue and resolve the problem?



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Re: Guarantee speed not being met on fibre broadband

in order for forum members to help or the forum mods can you provide some basic information

post router stats if hh6 then advanced settings then technical log information

enter phone number and post results  delete number but leave cab and exchange

check for line noise  dial 17070 option 2  should be silent and best with corded phone

Bt only guarantee connection speed not download speed


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