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HH 4 lights flashing orange


Using BT HH 4 and for the past two weeks in the early evening (today spotted at 6.30) the wifi went down and the hub showed flashing orange lights for about a minute then it went back to blue.

There were no other lights appearing on the Silver part of the hub.

I don't understand why this is happening. The white open reach box lights remain constant but this has happened for two weeks in a row.

I don't know what I should if this keeps happening. Any clues in the attached event log of today - occurred about 6.30pm.  - Can i draw your attention to 18:27 - something being rebooted.

My Lease is 21 days and the channels for 2.4 & 5ghz have been the same for a long time

Could this be the start of the end of the HH 4 ?

Also there are 6 devices connected to the 2.4ghz & 4 connected to the 5ghz - are there too many - some are not connected at the same time ?

Please help - Thanks Angie2601



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Re: HH 4 lights flashing orange - WIFI

Hi All,


Following on from my detailed event log below and loss of wifi twice during past two weeks - can anyone look and advise whether its something I should just ignore (these things happen and WIFI is working at moment) or should I contact BT now with the issue before this deteriorates and there is no wifi more frequently ?


Both times this occurred, I was using WIFI on my mobile and when the signal is not great on 5ghz the phone will switch to the 2.4ghz (had to split the two frequencies on the hub manager) and before changing it would go to 4g then find the other wifi channel.

However these two times the hub has flicked red or orange was when the phone went to 4G but couldn't find the other channel to switch too.


I don't know whether this is a phone issue causing the broadband to reboot because of this searching or the hub itself has an issue when the chanels are switching across on the device ?


These are just assumptions - me trying to find out what was being used when the hub flashed orange but the event log should give some guidance.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I had a terrible experience 6 years ago with the broadband and hub and BT and its not something I want to have to repeat - we've moved on and never had an issue with the HH 4 before.




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Re: HH 4 lights flashing orange - WIFI

Hi @angie2601


OpenRG is the 'router' software running on the Hub, and it would appear it's rebooting as it has been instructed to do so. The "reboot by IPC" part of the message, where IPC is Inter Process Communication, would seem to suggest that some other management process on the Hub is telling the router software to reload.


You say this has happened twice now. Can you confirm that in both cases there are the messages like those at 18:27:12 where the phone disconnects and reconnects immediately before the crash?


The other thing I notice in the log and worth mentioning are the CWMP messages at 18:17. CWMP is a mechanism that BT use to manage the hubs so perhaps there have been some changes applied to the Hub that require a reload. A firmware update for example.


Do you still have the logs from the previous reboot and are there also CWMP messages at that time?





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Re: HH 4 lights flashing orange - WIFI



Thanks for the response. 

I will have to look back in the event log for the previous one. If I find it I'll copy it (less information this time)

From your response it may seem that there is no fault, just a timing issue with Open Reach/BT updates ?


I'll track down the other log and compare it. 




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